It's ALWAYS a good time down at Jerry's Sports Tavern!!

Draft Beer

Glass- 16oz.

Angry Orchard $4.25

Blue Moon $4.50

Budweiser $3.50

Bud Light $3.50

Moose Head $2.75

Shock Top $4.50

Switchback $5.50


Budweiser & Clamato $4.00

Pabst Blue Ribbon $2.75

Aluminum (ALL) $3.75


Woodchuck Cider $4.25

Michelob Ultra Cider $4.25

Miller High Life $3.25

Bottled Beer Aluminum- $3.75

Domestic- $3.50 Premium- $4.00 Imported- $4.50 Misc. Beers
Budweiser Michelob Light Corona Miller High Life- $3.25
Bud Light Michelob Ultra Corona Light Bud&Clamato 16oz.- $3.50
Coors Light Labatt Blue Guinness P.B.R- $2.75
Miller Lite Labatt Blue Light Dog Fish

Labatt Blue Light Lime P.B.R.

Bud Light Lime

Non Alcoholic

Others- $4.25

Twisted Tea (all)

Smirnoff (all)

Mike's Hard Lemonade

Jack Daniel's Punches

Seagram's Escapes


Red Wine Type Glass

Bogle Merlot $5.25

Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon $5.25

Mark West Pinot Noir $5.50

White Wine

Bogle Chardonnay $5.25

Capri Classic Chablis $4.75

Crane Lake White Zinfandel $5.25

Crane Lake Pinot Grigio $5.25

Soft Drinks 16oz. - $1.50

Pepsi Ginger Ale Sour Mix

Diet Pepsi Tonic Cranberry

Club Soda


Steamed Hot Dog-$1.75

Steamed Hot Dog w/ chips- $2.75

Nachos with cheese- $7.95

Nachos with chicken or hamburger- $8.95

Mozzarella Sticks- $7.95

Spicy Buffalo Wings- $7.95

Honey BBQ Wings- $7.95

Teriyaki Wings- $7.95

Boneless Stuffed Chicken 

Cordon Bleu Mini's- $7.95


16" Cheese- $10.95

16" Pepperoni- $11.95